WoodFinishing & Furniture Restorer's Supply



WoodFinishign & Furniture Restorer's Supply is a division of Inman Historic Interiors, Inc. (www.historicinteriors.com), owned by Tim B. Inman, semi-retired former Executive VP for Minuteman, Inc., and Joyce Rae Inman, ASID. We are located near Randolph, Iowa.

We have served furniture restoration clients as a business since 1974, and have practiced in the trade for over 45 years. We offer both custom restoration services to individuals and businesses for antiques and other quality furniture items, including clocks, movements, picture frames, etc., as well as providing specialty products and training to the trade and other active hobbyists. We make custom reproduction pieces as commissioned. We were co-owners of the original Minuteman Furniture Restoration, Inc. from 1980 until its sale in 2001. Tim helped develop Minuteman, Inc. and taught over 10,000 students for the company during his time there. Many of his former students and customers remain loyal friends and customers today. Click here to see Tim's personal vitae . He has served as an advisory board member for the National Wood Finishing Institue at Dakota Technical College since the early 1980's.

After being sold in 2001, the new owners elected to liquidate Minuteman, Inc., and closed it in 2003. After Mintueman, Inc. ceased doing business, many of our former customers asked us if we would continue to manufacture and supply them with the specialty products we had developed for them during our years at Minuteman, Inc. Of course, we agreed. We had developed WoodFinishing & Furniture Restorer's Supply as our original internet vendor early in the 1990's, when we published our little magazine, WoodFinishing & Furniture Restorer's Guide. It only seemed logical that we would continue to offer our specialty products using this theme name. Inman Historic Interiors, Inc., owner of our copyrighted materials and formulae, became the corporate vehicle to provide these services to you.

We operate from our very rural Iowa farm, Oak Dale, in the extreme southwest corner of the state. It is beautiful here, but remote. The building you see on our parent company's homepage, www.historicinteriors.com, is our headquarters. It is a 4000 square foot state-of-the-art facility which includes wet manufacturing facilities, offices, studios and workrooms. We live on a classic Iowa gravel road, we do not have a retail sales room, nor do we currently offer classes, etc. Visitors are always welcomed, but please call ahead or make arrangements before you come. Since we're semi-retired, we're often only 'semi-present.' We'd hate to miss you!

Contact us by emailing tim@historicinteriors.com.