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Bulk Silver Stripper Gallon Concentrate

Bulk Silver Stripper Gallon Concentrate Image

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Concentrated dry granular product you mix with water to make one gallon of a fast efficient silver stripper. Use Restorer's Silver Stripper to remove old silver from glass prior to resilvering with new plating. Or, use Restorer's Silver Stripper to selectively remove stripper in 'masked' areas for specialty art glass projects.

Silver stripper will not remove paints or other protective backings from glass. Any protective paint, film or other masks must be removed prior to applications of silver stipper. Use paint remover or other products to remove original mirror backing paints.

Indefinite shelf life. Silver stripper lasts on the shelf and after mixing with water. Useful as long as it lasts. Mixes with ordinary tap water or distilled water. Apply by pouring over glass, spray bottle application or vat dip. Keep out of reach of children. For professional use only. Avoid skin contact. Wear protective clothing. Work in a well ventilated place. See MSDS for specific details.

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