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CAST-N-MOLDParts Duplicating Kit
Compare to Minuteman Dupli-Kit

Historic Interiors’ Cast-N-Mold Parts Duplicating Kit is your complete package for reproducing missing parts quickly and cheaply with a safe and easy guaranteed system. You make the molds, and you cast the parts. We help show you how. Lets you make high quality replacements for wood, hardware and glass your customers can afford.

You - and your customers! - will be amazed at the quality of the parts made with Cast-N-Mold. The system is creative, easy and fun to do. New catalyzed polymers let you make parts in four to six minutes that cost only pennies apiece. They look and feel real, and can be colored and finished to match the original wood or other authentic materials. Using different resins, you can even
reproduce realistic glass knobs and pulls. Need a new brass knob or pull? Reproduce it in polymer with our Cast-N-Mold methods and supplies.

Cast-N-Mold Video Program (available in VHS tape or DVD, your choice) shows easy to follow, carefully detailed, step-by-step instructions to produce molds for just about any need. See and learn how to make molds to replace Victorian carvings, pressed wood ornamentation, picture frame molding, turned finials, glass knobs, brass hardware, and even fancy turn-of-the-century mantle clock feet. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do.

The molds you make with Cast-N-Mold are permanent and
can be used over and over. With care, they could make hundreds of parts. Your customer pays you to make the mold and the parts, but you keep the molds! It works just like professional photographers: They keep the negatives they make for you, and sell you the prints. The mold is your property! and you can make as many other parts from it as you want. You can make ‘spares’ to decorate ‘Plain Jane’ items you refinish or buy cheap at auctions, or sell the extra parts to other customers in need.

Our Cast-N-Mold starter kit comes with enough supplies and materials to get you going right. It
includes the training video program at no extra charge. The kit is your best buy to get started. Already have some experience or other casting materials? There are no restrictions or buying requirements. Purchase whatever you need from our open stock supplies as you need it. Maybe you’d like to see what it’s all about before investing in the kit. Our DVD Video Program is sold separately. Get a copy and see for yourself. If you decide to go ahead with the kit within 30 days of purchasing the video program, we’ll refund the original purchase price you paid for the video (not including freight) when you buy the kit. You can’t lose!

Custom Service: Do you like being able to cast parts, but you’re not comfortable making the mold? Let us help! We offer custom mold making and casting services from our Historic Interiors, Inc. Workshops. Get in touch with us at 1-712-625-2403 or tim@historicinteriors.com and we’ll be happy to discuss your project and give you an estimate! We’ll even give you advice FREE. We can make the mold and the parts for you, or we can just make the mold for you so you can cast your own parts as you need them - whatever you would like us to do we’ll be happy to help!

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