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PolyFil Color Kit A or B with DVD Training

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Learn how to make difficult furniture repairs using commonly available polyester fillers like Bondo. Polyfil colored repairs are easy to do, and they are tough and durable. Polyfil repairs sand and carve easily, plus they finish like real wood. You buy the Bondo locally, at WalMart, auto parts or other stores in your area, then use the PolyFil materials in the kit to color and harden the filler.

Ordinary touch-up powders and wood stains won’t work well for coloring polyesters like Bondo. The colors shift, or they ruin the hardness of the filler. PolyFil colors are selected especially for their compatibility with polyester type fillers. Plus, the hardener cream that comes standard with Bondo type fillers is colored red or blue, and ruins your careful color mixing.

PolyFil’s clear hardener cream works with any open-market polyester filler like Bondo and sets it hard without shifting or changing your color mixture.

With the PolyFil Kits, you get up to 10 different wood tone colors (5 “A” colors in Kit A, 5 “B”
colors in Kit B), a tube of ‘clear’ white catalyst and a handy measuring tool in each kit - packed
in a sturdy metal storage and carrying case.

The 1-gram starter sizes of color that come with your kits are packed in glass topped ‘watch cups’ so you can see the colors you want. PolyFil lets you mix your own Bondo or other polyester fillers to match the color of your wood or furniture project. PolyFil colors work with WoodWelder Resins and Hardeners, too!

The DVD training video program shows you how you can do it in a fun, easy-to-do
Also available in VHS. Covers color theory and color mixing plus tools, tips and tricks of the trade to let you make invisible permanent repairs to carvings, edges, moldings and turnings. A ‘must have’ for every wood worker’s shop!

Polyfil Kit A includes: Pine, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Dark Walnut.

PolyFil Kit B includes: Oak, Light Walnut, Antique Brown Cherry, Poplar, and Black.

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