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Mirror Chem 2-oz Refill Set

Mirror Chem 2-oz Refill Set Image

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This is the original mirror resilvering formula developed by Tim B. Inman and sold by Minuteman, Inc. since 1979. Designed for use by furniture restorers and artisans working in small independent shops.

This formula enables you to resilver your own mirrors and glass. Lays down a heavy layer of pure silver. This kit is a refill set which is usually sold to replace the chemicals used in our full starter kits. Each set comes complete with the ABC-X chemistry concentrates, and the flux. Full instructions are included with each set.

Dilute with pure distilled water. Makes 1 liter (approximately 1 quart or 1000ml) of working solution.
Each Refill Set Can resilver up to about 20 - 25 square feet of glass.

Instructional DVD training program may be purchased separately, if you do not have our complete Mirror Resilvering Starter Kit.

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