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BLACK-OUT 6 oz Image

Removes Black Spots and Stains from Wood, Furniture and Interior Surfaces.

Just spritz or wipe on Black-Out, and those annoying little black streaks and specs disappear like magic.

Black-Out works best on clean, unfinished wood. It can also work on finished wood and other interior construction surfaces like marble, drywall, and procelain, etc. Leaves metal parts like screws and hinges bright and clean. Will not cause rusting. Always test first, to be sure Black-Out is appropriate for use in your situation.

Black-Out works by chemically neutralizing and cleaning stains, mineral deposits and mildew damage. (Black-Out will not kill mildew or mold spores, which can cause staining and 'sooty' moldy, streaky stains to recurr in warm, damp areas with poor air circulation and high humidity.)

Wear appropriate safety gear when using Black-Out: Rubber, nitrile or latex gloves, eye protection, etc. Rinse with clear water to stop Black-Out. Wash hands and exposed skin with ordinary soap and water when finished. Dispose of waste containers and application materials in accordance with local regulations.

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